Tabloids say he’s a sexy billionaire playboy and the grandson of a formidable Tech tycoon.

I say he’s just like my ex.

Arrogant. Wealthy. Strutting around thinking he’s a demigod that can have any woman he wants and toss them aside just as quickly.

But if I want to rescue my family, I have to set aside my personal feelings and work for him.

We have a business relationship – until I’m propelled into the limelight and the public thinks I’m his girlfriend.

Now I have to pretend to be his girlfriend.

We’ll both get what we want – he becomes CEO, I rescue my family from debt.

Thrown into luxury and swamped by out-of-this-world sensations, I forget the contract.

I’m slipping; the lines between business and pleasure are blurring, and I almost convince myself what we have is real.

Then my fantasy world crumbles.

The red carpet is pulled right out from under me.

Will I fall into the darkness, or will he catch me and claim me as his – this time, for real?

Geneva Grey

Contemporary Romance Author

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”                                                               - C.S. Lewis

Fake relationships
Happy endings

You are guaranteed a captivating romance story, filled with unpredictable twists and turns that keep you wanting more! Stories that no matter what takes place, your beloved main characters will always see a happy ending.

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